2″ length adjustable T-adapter (T2 extension tube) for connecting DSLR cameras to telescopes and spotting scopes



This camera adapter is designed to connect DSLR cameras to telescopes with 2″ (50.8mm) eyepiece tube (focuser) for digi-scoping. The adapter has a 2″ external diameter on one end (to be inserted into telescope’s 2″ focuser) and a T2 (M42x0.75mm) thread on the other end for connection to standard DSLR camera T-rings / T2 mount.

The adapter’s length can be adjusted (in 35mm range) to accommodate the requirement of image focus by different camera models in relation to the telescopes. 

There are two sets of internal threads on the 2″ end of the adapter, so that the adapter can also connect to scopes with either M48x0.75mm or M39x1mm threads on the eyepiece or focuser base. Therefore, this adapter allows camera connection to telescopes with or without the telescope eyepiece in its place.

The 2″ tube section can also be disconnected from the bigger barrel that has a male M42x0.75mm thread for camera T-rings. There are M52x1mm internal threads inside this bigger barrel section so that it can be connected to large telescopes with equivalent male threads.



  • Function: Connect DSLR cameras to telescopes or spotting scopes that have either a 2″ eyepiece holder, or have a M48x0.75 threaded barrel.
  • Scope fitting: Can fit 30-90×100 spotting scope.
  • Material: Built with metal material and black anodized.
  • Standard M42x0.75mm fitting for DSLR camera T-rings (T2 mount).
  • Length adjustable range: 35mm
  • Flexible camera connection options: camera can be attached to telescopes with or without the telescope’s eyepiece.
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall length when fully extended: 127mm
    • Length of the 2″ section: 22mm
    • Adjustable range: 35mm
    • Length of the bigger tube section: 60mm

Note: A particular DSLR camera T-ring (T2 mount) will be required for your camera model. Some T-rings are available from here in this store.

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