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NIPON EE300A Digital Eyepiece for Telescopes and Microscopes – User Guide

How to Adjust and Balance Images of the NIPON 20×80 Giant Binoculars?

How to Use Nipon Digital Eyepiece (EE300 or EE300A) on Nipon 350×70 Refractor Telescope

To take pictures of the full Moon using the digital eyepiece/camera EE300 through the NIPON 350×70 scope, you will need to add a ND64 Moon Filter to the front of the camera, because the moon’s lighting level can exceed the exposure limit of the camera. The photos below show the difference.

Pictures of the moon taken by the EE300 (or EE300A) digital eyepiece/camera through NIPON 350×70 Refractor scope with or without using a moon filter:

Photo of the moon taken by the digital eyepiece EE300 without moon filter:

Photo of the moon without the moon filter

Photo of the moon taken by the digital eyepiece EE300 with ND64 moon filter:

Pictures of a target taken using the Nipon digital eyepiece through Nipon 350×70 refractor scope with or without light filters (at about 50m or 55 yards):

Picture taken without light filter:

With ND32 light filter:

With ND64 light filter:

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