1.25″ T-adapter for DSLR camera T-rings (T2 mount). 1.25″ (31.7mm) external diameter for telescopes



This adapter is designed to connect DSLR cameras to telescopes or microscopes through a camera T-ring (also known as T2 mount). The adapter has a standard 1.25″ (31.75mm) diameter tube to fit telescope’s 1.25″ eyepiece holder (focuser).

You connect one end of this adapter (with M42x0.75mm external threads) to a camera T-ring (T2 mount) which will connect the camera body in place of the camera lens; and insert the other end into telescope’s (or microscope’s) 1.25″ eyepiece barrel. You can then take pictures through the scope. Please note that the camera T-ring is not included with this product listing, but these are available for selection from T-rings (T2 mounts).

There are also M28.5×0.75mm internal threads at the end of the 1.25″ tube section for the attachment of light filters or compact Barlow lens with compatible threads.


  • Connect DSLR camera to telescopes or microscopes through a corresponding camera T-ring.
  • M42x0.75mm external threads for camera T-rings (T2 mounts).
  • 1.25″ (31.75mm) external fitting diameter for scope’s eyepiece barrels (focusers).
  • At the end of 1.25″ barrel section, there are M28.5×0.75mm internal thread for the filter connection.Note: light filters may have different external threads, such as M28.5×0.75mm, M28.5x1mm, M30x0.75mm and M30x1mm. Please check your filter threads if this feature is important for you.)
  • Size: overall height: 29mm (23mm height for the 1.25″ tube section).
  • Built with metal material and black anodized.

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