Vintage German Hertel & Reuss binocular microscope in wooden case



This is a vintage Germany Hertel & Reuss microscope in wooden case.


Some Main Features:


  • Model: German Hertel & Reuss binocular microscope, made in 1950’s.

  • Three rotatable objective lenses:  Marked Hertel & Res Kassel 10:1, 45:1 and 100:1

  • Dual focus system: Coarse & Fine focus knobs

  • Eye lens: two sets (four) of eyepieces included, one pair with 8x and the other pair with 12x magnification

  • Dual eyepieces on rotatable base

  • Square metal stage with adjustable clips and scales

  • Height adjustable sub-stage condenser lens and polarizer

  • Light reflection plano-concave mirror

  • Solid metal construction with horseshoe base

  • Size:

    • Main microscope body height: 300mm

    • Width: 160mm

    • Depth: 210mm

  • Weight: 4.5 kg

  • Full working condition

  • A wooden case included (with key)

  • Extra: a light source with filter, cable and plug (as shown in the photo, works)

Note: for customer information, a single microscope eyepiece (eg. 8x) has been found to be sold in online stores for £25+

Additional information

Weight 7.3 kg


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