ND64 – Neutral Density moon filter / light filter. M30x0.75mm external thread



This is a ND64 Neutral Density lunar filter with 1.8 filter optical density and 1.563% transmittance. This ND filter reduces and modifies intensity of all wavelengths or colours of light evenly, while giving no changes in hue of colour rendition. It is a great filter for glare reduction and is very useful when observing the Moon. The filter is made of top quality optical glass and is mounted in a black anodised aluminium holder with standard 1.25″ (M30x1mm) eyepiece threads.


  • ND64 Neutral Density Moon Filter.
  • Filter Optical Density: 1.8
  • Transmittance: 1.563%
  • Built with top quality optical glass.
  • Holder threads: M30x0.75mm thread for the connection of telescope eyepieces.
  • Built with metal frame.


(1). Some telescope eyepieces may have M28.5×0.75mm internal threads on the eyepiece barrels. In this case, a moon filter adapter is available to attach this moon filter to the eyepiece.

(2). A specially made filter adapter is also available for attaching this light filter to the EE300 digital eyepiece/camera. The adapter can be found from the product list of this category.

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