Moon filter / light filter adapter for EE300A digital eyepiece.


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This adapter is specially designed for the EE300A digital eyepiece for the attachment of moon filters or other colour light filters with either M30x1.0mm, or M30x0.75mm, or M28.5×0.75mm threads. Please choose a correct thread option from the list.


  • Specially made for Nipon EE300A digital eyepiece/camera for filter connection.
  • Designed to fit moon filters and colour light filters with different threads on the filter ring.
  • Built with aluminium alloy.


Note: This item is an optional accessory for the digital eyepiece EE300. The moon filters or other colour filters and the digital eyepiece will need to be ordered separately. Please select a correct filter thread option from the list according to the light filter that you wish to attach.  You may still fit some colour filters with slightly smaller threads to this adapter by taking some simple measures (eg. put some thin threads or soft material around the filter frame). This can achieve the same purpose of attaching the light filter to the device.

Additional information

Filter threads

M30x1.0mm, M30x0.75mm, M28.5×0.75mm


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