ND1024 Neutral Density solar filter. M30x1mm thread



This is a ND1024 Neutral Density solar filter with 3.0 filter optical density and 0.098% transmittance. This ND filter reduces and modifies intensity of all wavelengths or colours of light evenly, while giving no changes in hue of colour rendition. The filter is made of top quality optical glass and is mounted in a black anodised aluminium holder with standard 1.25″ eyepiece threads (M30x1).

Warning: you should never observe the Sun either directly or indirectly without using a proper solar filter, or it could damage your eyes. Ideally, a proper solar filter should be fitted to the front objective lens of your telescope, rather than at the eyepiece end. Therefore, to avoid the potential heat build-up on the lens/filter surface, the observation should only be made for a very short period of time.


  • ND1024 Neutral Density Moon Filter.
  • Filter Optical Density: 3.0
  • Transmittance: 0.098%
  • Built with top quality optical glass.
  • Holder threads: M30x1mm thread, can fit the PLOSSL 16mm and 32mm eyepieces that are available from this store.
  • Built with metal frame.

Note: Some telescope eyepieces may have M28.5×0.75mm internal threads on the eyepiece barrels. In this case, a moon filter adapter is available to attach this moon filter to the eyepiece. The adapter can take M30x0.75mm filter threads, but the filter frame with M30x1mm thread can also be attached to the adapter even though it does not reach the end of the threaded section.

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