Compact digital camera adapter for rifle scopes with 37mm outside eyepiece diameter


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Most camera adapters are made for telescopes or spotting scopes, but there is not a ready-made digital camera adapter which is specially built for riflescopes. Therefore, users have found it difficult to attach their compact digital cameras to riflescopes.

However, with this adapter, together with an appropriate camera adapter ring for your camera make/model, it is possible to attach your compact digital camera to a rifle scope, as long as the diameter of the scope’s outside eyepiece diameter is around 37mm.

Main Features:

This adapter set consists of a 1.25″ T-adapter tube (with 1.25″ or 31.7mm outside diameter) at one end and a larger ring (also known as T-ring) at the other end, with an inside diameter of the ring around 38mm. This ring can be attached to the end of the riflescope’s eyepiece (most riflescopes have outside eyepiece diameter around 37mm). This provide a practical solution to attach compact digital cameras to riflescopes, using a corresponding adapter ring for the camera brand. These camera adapter rings can be found here.

To attach the camera, you connect the above-mentioned adapter ring to your camera’s lens, then clamp the ring onto the 1.25″ adapter tube as shown in this listing. This may not be a perfect solution for camera attachment to riflescopes, but this provides a practical method for comera connection to riflescopes given the situation that a purposely made adapter for this purpose is difficult to find.

Please note that this method is only suitable for some compact cameras with their lens filter thread diameter from 28mm up to 58mm (as listed here). Some DSLR cameras may have 55mm or 58mm lens filter threads, but please check your camera feature to make sure.

You can also use a universal camera adapter (eg. S-Shape or Type-B) to attach your camera to riflescopes, if you don’t mind the size and structure of these adapters.

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