6E/471 RAF AM Air Ministry WWII Binoculars with Original Case. Individual Eyepiece Focusing


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This is a pair of vintage 6E/471 RAF AM Air Ministry binoculars in original leather case. The binoculars have 6x magnification, 30mm objective lens diameter, and with individual eyepiece focusing. The binoculars are in good working order for their age and services. There binoculars were probably made in 1930/40’s.

Some main features:


  • Model: 6E/471 RAF AM
  • Magnification: 6x (see note below)
  • Objective lenses diameter: 30mm
  • Eye lens diameter: approx. 12mm
  • Individual eyepiece focusing
  • Solid metal construction with durable leather armouring
  • Size: 170(W) x 115(H) x 50(D)mm
  • Weight: 645g (1.4 lb.)
  • Comes with original leather case and leather straps.
  • Stamped on top of the leather case “Wray London RAF 6E/471 A.M”.
Magnification is not marked on binoculars, but according to online information, these binoculars have x6 magnifications.
There are some written words on the base of the leather case, with a name, RAF, a number and place.
When looking into the objective lenses, there appears to be a chip on the internal glass (not on the large lenses themselves), but these are not visible when looking through the binoculars from the eyepieces. Some of the lenses have been cleaned where possible (i.e., eyepieces and some prisms under the eyepieces). The binoculars are in collimation with reasonably good images for their age and service.

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