1.25″ eyepiece adapter for NIPON 20-60×70 spotting scope and similar models




This metal eyepiece adapter is specially made for the NIPON 20-60×70 spotting scope to make the scope fit standard 1.25″ fixed power eyepieces. It may also fit other 20-60×70 spotting scopes with similar specifications

To use this adapter, you can remove the 20-60x zoom eyepiece from the main scope body (by turning the large fitting wheel at the very end of the zoom eyepiece anti-clockwise), then screw the adapter in its place. You can then put a 1.25″ eyepiece into this adapter for your preferred observational purpose. For example, you can put a PLOSSL 16mm or 26mm eyepiece for long range observation, and use a PLOSSL 32mm or 40mm eyepiece for viewing targets at closer distances, such as archery or target shooting.


  • Internal diameter: 1.25″ (31.75mm)
  • Overall height: 21mm
  • Internal threads to fit the scope: M37x1mm (37mm thread diameter, 1mm thread pitch)


The pictures illustrate how to use this eyepiece adapter on the Nipon 20-60×70 scope. For other scope models, please check the thread size once the zoom eyepiece is removed to see if it is around 37mm in diameter.

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