WWII Canadian 1943 REL C.G.B.53 GA 6×30 military binoculars


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A pair of vintage WWII Canadian 1943 REL C.G.B. 53 GA 6×30 military binoculars. The binoculars are in overall good working condition.

Serial number: 20705-C

Magnification: 6 x

Objective lens diameter: 30mm

Eye lens diameter: 16mm

Individual eyepiece focusing.

Engraved on the left prism plate: C.G.B 53 G.A. 6×30  REG. No. 20705-C

Engraved on the right prism plate:

GRATICULE 1/2° APART & 1/4° 1/2° & 1° HIGH

R.E.L. CANADA 1943

Dimensions (when binoculars fully open): 175mm (W) x 125mm (H) x 57mm (D)

Solid metal body with admiralty style thick layer of black paint protection.

Weight (excluding the leather case): 900g (2 lb.)

The binoculars are in good working condition with correct collimation and reasonably clear images for their age.

The eye lenses and prisms under the eyepieces have been cleaned where possible. The binoculars image could be further improved if the objective side of the lenses and prisms are also cleaned (unopened due to lack of tool).

Wear and tear to the binoculars body and to the leather case appropriate with age.

Please see photos for further details.

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