Vintage R. & J.B. telescope eyepiece with leather case


Are you looking for a quality eyepiece for your telescope? If so, you might be interested in this vintage telescope eyepiece by R. & J.B. This is a reputable and well-known maker of telescope accessories. This eyepiece can fit on any telescope with compatible sizes. The eyepiece is in good condition and works well. You can enjoy the clear and crisp views of the sky or the landscape with this eyepiece. This is a rare and valuable item that you will cherish. Don’t miss this chance to get this amazing eyepiece!

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This is a vintage telescope eyepiece made by R. & J.B. This eyepiece can be used on telescope with compatible sizes.

Make: R. & J.B. HIGH


  • Barrel diameter: 28mm
  • Length: 40mm (excluding the top brass cover)
  • Overall length including the brass cover: 50mm

Internal eye lens thread diameter:  approx. 23.5mm (Note: this is the lens directly behind the brass cover)

Brass cover inner threads diameter:

  • 26mm (this is for the connection of the eyepiece barrel)
  • 30mm (this is for the connection of telescope drawer. Please check your telescope to see if it has a compatible thread size)

Comes in original leather case.

Note: this eyepiece can be used as a replacement for the complete eyepiece set of telescopes which have compatible eyepiece barrel size. It can also be used to replace parts of telescope eyepiece set. For example, the eye lens itself (with around 23.5mm thread diameter) can be put on top of first telescope drawer to replace a damaged lens, either through thread connection, or if its thread size is smaller than that of your telescope, it can be held in place by the original brass eyepiece cover of the telescope.

Please see photos for further details.

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