Antique T. Cooke & Sons 4-Draw Brass Terrestrial and Naval Telescope. 1800s



For sale T. Cooke & Sons four-draw (five sections) brass spotter telescope. The telescope has 40mm objective lens with high magnification power (approx. 40x) and it is in good working condition. This telescope was probably produced in mid 1800s.

Objective lens diameter: 40mm

4-draw (5 sections) brass tubes.

Telescope length when fully extended (excluding sunshade): 750mm (29.5 in.)

Telescope length when compacted: 230mm (9 in.)

Magnification: estimated around 40x

Main body diameter at front: 48mm

Retraceable dew-shade.

Weight: approx. 775g

This telescope is in very good working condition.

No damage to the scope body and brass tubes and the telescope draws glide smoothly.

No chips or damage to scope lenses and no fungus on the internal lenses. All internal lenses have been cleaned. The telescope gives sharp images.

Wear and tear to the scope surface appropriate with age and use.

Please see photos for further details.

A brief history of T. Cooke & Sons

Here is a link about the antique telescopes produced by T. Cooke & Sons, York, England.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


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