Rare vintage DAVON Mk telescope. 15x or 20x magnification power


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This is a vintage telescope with metal tube and leather bound. Image focusing is achieved by pulling or pushing the front tube. Image is very clear and the magnification is estimated between 15x and 20x.

Main telescope length (when closed): 330mm or 13 in.

Objective lens diameter: 32mm

Main telescope tube diameter: 40mm (1.6 in.)

Image focusing by pulling/pushing the front 40mm tube section (as shown in photo)

For fine focus, eyepiece positions can be slightly adjusted by turning the knob behind it.

Magnification: not marked on scope body, but it’s estimated between 15x and 20x

Metal body with leather bound.

Weight: approx. 570g

Sliding sunshade.

Engraved on the internal lens inside the first tube next to the eyepiece: 1 1/2 in. N.A. 0.19 DAVON Rg. Tr. Mk. (shown in photo)

This telescope is in good working condition for its age, with sharp images.


Lenses are very clean without any dirt or fungus and no damage to the scope body, with normal wear and tear to the leather bound.

There is a flat area on the central raised ring (shown in photo) so that the telescope can be placed on a flat surface.

This telescope is extremely rare and so far this is perhaps the only one available in the market.

The year of production is not shown on the telescope, but most Davon telescopes were made by F Davidson & Co in early 20th century. The telescopes marked with “MK” were mainly made for military use, eg. as field artillery telescopes.

Please see photos for further details.

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