NIKON DSLR camera adapter for telescopes with 2″ (50.8mm) eyepiece holder / focuser


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This device is specially made to connect Nikon DSLR cameras to telescope. It has a 2″ (50.8mm) fitting diameter with telescope’s eyepiece barrel. You fit one end of this adaptor to the camera’s main body (in place of the camera lens), and put the other end into telescope’s 2″ eyepiece barrel, and tighten it up. You can then take pictures through the scope. In effect, this device enables you to use the telescope lens as your camera lens for digi-scoping.



  • Connect NIKON DSLR cameras to telescopes.
  • Can fit all Nikon DSLR (also known as Digital SLR) cameras.
  • Can fit all types of telescopes with an eyepiece barrel diameter of 2″ (50.8mm).
  • Built with metal material and black anodized.

Note: If you wish to extend the length of the 2″ adapter tube section for image focus purpose, an Extension Tube is available from this store. This extension tube increases the distance between the 2″ T-adapter and the camera T-ring.

Alternately, you can also connect two or more 2″ tubes together, the option available here.

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