Large Victorian marine mahogany single draw telescope. Approx. 30x – 35x



This is a large Victorian marine telescope with a long mahogany tube and single draw brass lens barrel. The telescope is very powerful with approximately 30x or 35x magnifications, and it’s image is very clear. This telescope was probably produced during the Victorian era. Good working order with very sharp images.

Some Main Features:

Product model:
Single brass draw mahogany telescope (no markings)

Main telescope length when closed: 64cm, or 25 inches.

Telescope length when fully extended: 82cm, or 32.3 inches.

Magnifications: estimated approx. 30x to 35x

Objective lens dimeter: 50mm

Brass objective lens cover / sunshade with sliding cap

Eyepiece diameter: 11mm

Sliding brass eyepiece cover

Telescope tube diameter (measured at the front): 62mm (2.4 inch)

Mahogany main telescope body with leather bound protection.

Weight: approx. 1.2 kg (2.6 lb.)

This telescope is in good working condition for its age with very clear images.


No damage to the main telescope mahogany body section which is protected by leather covering. The leather bound is complete with normal wear and tear to its surface.

Also wear and tear to the brass tube are appropriate with age and the tube slides smoothly for image focusing.

All internal lenses have been cleaned and no damage, dirt or fungus on these lenses.

This antique marine telescope is good for long distance observations with high power. The telescope can be held by hands, but for its length and high magnifications, this telescope is better used with a stand or some kind of support.

This telescope was probably produced during Victorian era. A rare telescope for use and for collection.

Please see photos for further details.

Additional information

Weight2 kg


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