19th Century long barrel brass binoculars. Extremely rare



A pair of very rare 19th Century long brass barrel binoculars in good working order. There are no markings on the binoculars body.

Objective lens diameter: 40mm

Eyepiece diameter: approx. 8mm

Central thumbwheels for image focusing.

Second central thumbwheel for eye separation.

Magnification: estimated around 20x or slightly higher.

Dimensions (when closed): 110mm (W) x 295mm (H) x 52mm (D) (125mm wide when open)

Brass barrels with leather bounding

Weight: approx. 1.1 kg (2.6 lb.)

Note: Both image focusing and eye-separation wheels turn smoothly. No dents or damage are found to the brass barrels and no damage to all the lenses. Wear and tear to the paint and to the leather covering appropriate with age and use.

The binoculars lenses have been cleaned where possible and collimation adjusted and corrected. The binoculars give clear images for their age.

There are no markings on the binoculars, but it was probably made in the 1800s. This item is extremely rare and it is perhaps the only one available so far in the world market.

Please see photos for further details.

More information on How to identify or estimate the production dates of vintage binoculars.

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Weight1.5 kg


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