W. Gregory 51 Strand London Victorian period military field single draw telescope



This is one of the early telescopes made by William Gregory probably in the mid 1800s. The telescope works well optically with clear images. Magnification is estimated around 18x to 20x. Please see note below for further information.

Engraved on the focusing barrel: 
W. Gregory
51 Strand

Magnification: estimated around 18x to 20x

Objective lens diameter: 44mm

Eyepiece diameter: 10mm

Single brass focusing draw engraved with maker’s name and address.

Telescope length when fully extended: 64cm (25 in.)

Telescope length when compacted: 48.5cm (19 in.)

Main body diameter: around 51mm (measured at front section)

Leather bound on the principal barrel tube

Sliding brass eyepiece cover

Weight: approx. 780g (1.7 lb.)


This telescope is in good working order with clear images.

The main barrel tube has been dented in places and the dented areas have been repaired, so that the performance of the telescope is not affected, apart from the cosmetic appearance of the tube. The original leather bound covering is complete and in reasonably good condition, with normal wear and tear to its surface.

All internal lenses have been cleaned and the telescope gives a very clear image. There is a small chip on the front lens near its edge (as shown in the last photo), but this is is not visible when looking through the telescope and it does not affect the light transmission or performance of the scope in any way.

Please see photos for further details.

This item has an important historical value as well as for practical use.

Here is a link to some background information about W. Gregory telescopes.

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Weight1 kg


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