Rare antique large powerful Dollond London mahogany leather bound single draw brass telescope


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This is a large naval Dollond London telescope with long leather bound mahogany tube and a single draw brass lens barrel. The telescope is very powerful and it’s image is very clear. This telescope is extremely rare and it was probably produced during or more likely before Victorian era (ie. early 1800s).

Main telescope length (when closed): 95cm, or 37 inches. (Add about 18cm or 7 inches when the brass eyepiece draw is extended at focus).

Objective lens dimeter: 52mm

Telescope tube diameter: 63mm (2.5 inch)

Mahogany main telescope body with leather bound.

Weight: approx. 1.35 kg

Large brass lens cover at front.

Sliding brass eyepiece cover.

This telescope is in good working condition for its age with very clear images.

Magnification level is not marked on the telescope, but it is estimated to be around 35x or 40x (if not higher).

No damage is found to the telescope body and the leather bound cover is almost complete with normal wear and tear which are appropriate with age and use.

All internal lenses have been cleaned and no damage, dirt or fungus on these lenses. There is only a tiny chip on the front lens (as shown in the picture), but this is not visible when viewing through the telescope and it does not seem to affect the performance of the scope in any way. The telescope gives very clear image.

This antique naval telescope is good for long distance observations with high power. For its length, this telescope is better used with a stand or some kind of support.

This telescope is extremely rare and so far the second one with the same style has not been found in the market.

Please see photos for further details.

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