DSLR camera T-ring (T2 mount) for telescopes. M42x0.75mm threads


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These T-rings (also known as T2 mount) can be used to connect digital SLR cameras to telescopes. You fit one end of this ring to the camera’s main body, and connect the other end either directly to the telescope’s threaded focuser, or to a T-adapter tube with either 1.25″ or 2″ external diameter depending on the focuser size of your telescope. You can then take pictures through the scope.



  • T-rings (T2 mounts) available for these DSLR camera models: Nikon, Canon, Sony/Minolta (with A-mount body), Sony E-mount, Olympus 4/3, Olympus Micro m4/3 (Panasonic Lumix), Pentax K and M42x1mm Screw Mount. Please select a correct type from the list.
  • Metallic build and black anodized.
  • M42x0.75mm internal threads.
  • These T-rings can screw onto telescope’s eyepiece holder/focuser if the focuser has equivalent male threads for the ring to fit, or it works together with a 1.25″ or 2″ T-adapter tubes which are available from this store.

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Nikon, Canon, Sony A-mount, Sony E-mount, Sony NEX E-mount, Olympus 4/3, Olympus Micro 4/3, Pentax K, Panasonic Lumix G, M42x1mm Screw Mount


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